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Galaxy watch active 2 connectivity issues and sleep tracking

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So I stopped wearing my watch for about a month, and two weeks ago started using it again. My watch has the latest update, as well as my phone (note 10), since I've started wearing it again, I've had issues with the watch that I didn't have before. As far as connectivity goes, my watch constantly disconnects itself from my phone, when my phone will either be in my pocket or right next to me, within range. I then have to reboot the watch, and disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth on my phone. I've also had problems with the sleep tracker since as well. The tracker either grossly under records my sleep time, doesn't record it at all, or records me as sleeping when I'm awake. At first I had my watch in goodnight mode and thought that may be the issue so I stopped using that, but i still have the same issue.


Anyone able to find solutions? Or have the same issues??

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First, go into Settings, then Connections and Bluetooth. Click the COG for the device in question and click 'Forget device' turn off the Bluetooth and back on again. Then refind the device and reconnect, all settings and user preferences will not be changed.

If this doesn't not work then try resetting the device? I'd suggest trying the watch first and seeing if you have any luck. I used to have my watch turn on 'Goodnight mode' bassed on my sleeping patten. But since resetting the device, I can no longer get this feature to work.

Best of luck,
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