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Galaxy watch 46 calendar sync issues on iPhone


My galaxy watch does no longer sync with my iPhone (se) calendar. It seems it synced once but then never updates. There are no items past tomorrow (which is two weeks from when I started to use it) and new items do not show.

i tried restart, leave it open for a long time, set my calendar on my iPhone to sync all. But nothing helps. I really don’t want to reset my device again, it’s my second watch and have been forced to reset a few times before.

A second question is how I can select which calendars are synced. Now it show all calendars (also my wife and son’s to which I’m subscribed on the iPhone calendar). But I only want it to show my own. If I turn off the calendars on my iPhone it still shows the subscribed calendars (I tested this with my previous watch that did sync fine for a while).


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Hello. The sync is exactly a problem for me too. After a while calendar stops syncing. Samsung does not help either so no solution unfortunately. If one day samsung fixes this problem! Then go to your accounts and password then go to the gmail or outlook account you added then click on it and turn on calendar sync. That is it. You will see that account calendar on iphone calendar. 

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