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Galaxy watch 3 & multiple calendars

(Topic created on: 19-10-2022 04:59 PM)

Hi all.

Is there a way to add / choose what calendar the watch is using?

At the moment my watch is showing only one of my gmail calendars (the main calendar of my phone).
On phones calendar, I can see both of my gmail calendars at the same time.
But I haven't found how I can see both of the calendars in my Watch3 on same view.

If I go to galaxy wearable app on my phone and navigate to: "wearable app / apps / calendar", there is no cog wheel icon to configure what accounts are used.

The only place for email account I have seen in "wearable app" is under "account / backup", but I can't add any more accounts, or change the existing one as it is greyed out.

I can see email notifications on my watch from both of my gmail accounts.

I have Galaxy watch 3 and OnePlus 8pro phone.


Ok, answering myself.
Got it to work.

I got reply to my ticket from Samsung asking me to toggle the second calendar off/on from google calendar app in the phone.
That alone didn't help.

- Toggled second calendar off/on in phone
- Watch still showing only calendar1 info
- Made test entries to calendar1 and to calendar2 in the phone
- Watch was now showing all calendar entries from both calendars
- deleted test entries, I still see all entries from both calendars in the watch.

So toggling AND making new entries seemed to trigger something to show all of my calendar entries.