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Galaxy Watch 3 / Active 2 Wireless charging


What's up with these watches? Trying to charge them on anything other than the wireless charger that came with them is a nightmare! Both are extremely difficult to start charging with both reverse charging and Samsungs Wireless Battery pack and if they do start to charge, they usually stop a short time after. My original Samsung Galaxy Watch had no issues and would charge with ease!


The Watch 3 and Active 2 won't charge at all via reverse charging on my S10+! 🤦‍♂️

make sure you have set the correct percentage on your phone and make sure you phone has more percentage than you're setting it at
I'm aware how to configure my phone. I have been using it with the original Galaxy watch since the launch of the S10 range without issue. like I said in my original post, it's not just reverse charging, same experience with my Samsung EB-U1200 wireless fast charge battery pack.

Can't be an issue with my Galaxy Watch 3 because it's the same with my son's Active 2. No issues with the supplied chargers, I guess Samsung have a new wireless charger coming out that they want people to buy!
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