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Galaxy buds plus software issues and revert firmware?


I bought my buds plus a few months ago in August and when I first got it, everything was working perfectly fine. However, after using it for a week or two and updating the firmware, I began to notice some issues. To this day, it feels like more issues continue to surface as I use it every week. The ambient sound feature doesn't work in calls anymore (I doubled checked the option in the app), a few times it would automatically pause my music every few seconds, and using the buds in a Discord call blocks audio from the laptop other than the call (any music, notification, and video audio are blocked). As a workaround for Discord, if I select the "Hands-Free" audio output on my laptop, I'm able to hear audio but with terrible sound quality. The issues I've experienced seem like they are software based, which led me to think the update may have caused it. I have also cleared the cash and reset/reconnected the buds but it didn't solve the problems. Is there a way to revert back to a previous firmware version? If not, does anyone know any solutions?


I hope I'm not the only one. I really want the ambient sound to at least work because that's one of the main reasons I bought these buds.


Update: Ambient sound used to work with Zoom but recently it doesn't seem to be working. Features just magically stop working for some random reason. Are my buds a defect?

does anyone know how I can get notifications read out while using buds plus
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