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Galaxy Active 2 Watch Face issue

(Topic created on: 27-03-2020 06:46 PM)
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Trying to have selected watch face actually stay on.  I have selected "on" for Watch Always On option. No other settings like "do not disturb or good night" mode are active, however selected watch face does not stay on all the time. it will stay showing for a second or 2 and then change to a totally different face and I have attached a video to show this (it changes dependent on motion - but not all the time). On video it is the Special Edition Rose face selected but have tried it with other faces and same thing happens.  I thought it might be the way it was supposed to show but cannot find anything in any help features that state this so wondering if it is a fault with my watch (only had it 2 days). 


I have also tried completely resetting the watch, uninstalling the app but neither have helped.