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Can't sign in into my Samsung Account in the Galaxy Wearable App | Blank White Screen | Galaxy Watch

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Can't sign in into my Samsung Account in the Galaxy Wearable App | Blank White Screen | Galaxy Watch 


My Device Specs 

Honor 8x

Galaxy Watch 46mm

I'm From India


Need Help As Soon As Possible.


@DeanDTjr wrote:

This problem needs to LEAVE the Samsung forums (obviously we're all wasting our time hitting the F5 key while waiting for a reply from Samsung) This issue needs to be brought out to SOCIAL MEDIA such as;






I can't do it alone, so if you're one of the MANY angry customers who are getting nothing but a hard dick & a rough time from Samsung, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE copy/paste links to these forums in ANY social media sites that you have available.


As this is probably my 20th+ post regarding this issue, and I've already been banned from multiple support forums, I'll say it for the 25th time....







I totally agree with you.  Let’s have a plan on how to spread our anger in social media.  Maybe we can go to their youtube channel and comments on the galaxy watch video .

PROOF there is an issue. I have 4 forum threads with nearly 1000 views regarding the issueScreenshot_20190422-143727.png








I am taking this forum and pasting the direct link into EVERY comment section I can find on YouTube regarding the Galaxy watch.


I would suggest that you all do the same as well....

And every retailer

I did on Samsung Were able app in Play Store.

Ok so had this back from Samsung 

Not tried it yet, going to sleep on it and waste another couple of hours on it tomorrow.

• Here is the answer to your enquiry.
Dear Barry,

Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

From your inquiry, I understand that you experience some issues trying to access the Galaxy Store through the Galaxy Wearable application.

In order to solve this issue please follow the steps below:

A) For a Non-Samsung phone device:
1. Please try Galaxy Store again after rebooting the device.
2. If the Galaxy Store is still not working, go to [phone] settings > [Application > Application manager] > select Galaxy wearable > storage > Clear data > then try again.

B) If the previous steps didn't work, please try the steps below:
3.1. Watch [settings] > Gear info/About Gear/Watch > [Reset watch].
3.2. Galaxy Wearable app > 3 lines on the left part > Connect > When the watch is connected go to Galaxy Wearable > Settings > About Gear/Watch > Device information / Account and backup > Backup and restore > Restore.

C) Open Galaxy Store again (Some data may be lost after restore).
If for some reason you still experience difficulties, please contact us again also providing us with the log files from your phone device and the Gear device.

 - To retrieve the Log Files from the Gear S/Watch, please follow the below steps:
First, reproduce the problem
1. Enter *#9900# on Dialer on Gear (use all the symbols)
3. Dumped log files can be sent to paired mobile device
4. Select 'Extract LOG_DUMP'
5. You can see 'Extract Log_Dump Success' after sending dump (ex> Galaxy S7 Edge\Phone\Pictures\Gear)

 - To retrieve the Log Files from the phone, please follow the below steps:
1. Unzip the file from the link [valid for 30 days] in any directory on your PC. (you can see the guideline here:
2. After that, on your phone, go to -> Settings -> About device -> Software info -> 'Build number' touch 10 times (this operation will turn debug mode on)
3. Again, on your phone, go to -> Settings -> Application settings -> Developer options -> USB debug on
4. After, connect phone and PC, execute adbDevices.bat (this bat file is in the directory from step 1) to check whether the phone is connected to PC well.If it's connected, you can check Phone's name in 'List of devices attached'.
5. Reproduce the issue (make sure your devices are linked and you are connected with your phone to the PC) -> try opening the Samsung Gear application (even if without success), wait just about 5 seconds (don't wait any longer) and jump to step 6.
6. Execute dumpstate.bat dumpstate. (this process could take up to 3~4mins)
7. 'log' directory will be created in your directory (from step 1). Please archive this 'log' directory and send it to us.

If you cannot find the "log" folder, please go to My Files > Three vertical dots > Settings > Activate the "Show hidden files" option.

In order for you to forward the necessary details, please go to, scroll to the bottom of the page, select Contact us and fill in the fields.

If you experience issues with the log files recovery process, I would kindly advise you to contact our colleagues from Samsung Electronics.

Go to and find the "Contact Us" category on the page, where you can choose the desired way to contact Samsung Products Customer Support Team.

Thank you for using our services. Your satisfaction is very important to us.

Kind regards,
Customer Service Center


I can tell you this is generic stuff.

I tried all this and it did not work.


Problem is not in watch, problem is with Android App that seems it is not compatible with many (if not all) non-samsung Android phones.


I believe I could find workaround with tweaking/changing system setting on rooted phone but I really have no time play with this.


Tomorrow I will contact Samsung support here (Croatia) and will request refund as Gear S3 watch is not compatible with Android phones less than 1,5 yrs after I bought it.

I read the article and I hope that Samsung is really working on it and going to find a solution as soon as possible and not spend months. Guys, I believe if really samsung is working on the solution, then this is because of us so we have to keep posting and spreading our anger over and over until the issue is solved.
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