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Buds issue with app which uses the microfone


Dear community,


few days ago I buyed the samsung buds.
Their are great. The sound is good and my voice in calls is also fine.
If I use an app which use the microfone (e.g. Whatsapp call / voice message, dictaphone etc) will prefered the Phone mic.
I'm not able to use my buds microphone in these apps.
Is this a software issue or a prophe with the buds?
It will be nice to know.
If I'm not able to use them e.g. while a skype call, their will be useless for me.

Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards,


I have the same issue. If i get on a whatsapp call then after a few minutes the earbuds get disconnected and attempt yo connect again. This is a repetitive issue and now when I get on a call I know that is not safe  to use the earbuds.


I have a Samsung A7


Me having the same problem

I have galaxy note 10 plus and buds plus.

Samsung voice recorder and whatsapp and all other apps except the phone itself cant use the mic from buds+.

I have latest updates on phone and apps and buds+ and all apps have  permissions.

Dont't know why it is like that.

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Same here.

Galaxy A71 here with galaxy buds.

Everything up to date.

Did some phone calls and everything was cool.

Then sent an audio message via WhatsApp and since I was moving around half of it was unintelligible cause it used the phone's internal mic. Turns out that outside the regular phone calls it always defaults to the intenal microphone.

Any solutions?

Any solutions?

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