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Buds issue with app which uses the microfone


Dear community,


few days ago I buyed the samsung buds.
Their are great. The sound is good and my voice in calls is also fine.
If I use an app which use the microfone (e.g. Whatsapp call / voice message, dictaphone etc) will prefered the Phone mic.
I'm not able to use my buds microphone in these apps.
Is this a software issue or a prophe with the buds?
It will be nice to know.
If I'm not able to use them e.g. while a skype call, their will be useless for me.

Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards,


Hi @DaveTheGreen , :smiling-face:


Which phone are you using your Buds with?


Curious to know what the relevant app permissions are set at too. On an S10 for example: Settings > Apps > [click into a relevant app] > Permissions. 

Dear AntS,
e.g. Whatsapp have all permissions.
If I call via Whatsapp, record a voice message or call via skype, the Headset mic will not use.
All of these apps have full permissions.

The used phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9.

Thanks in advance,
beste regards,

Cheers @DaveTheGreen ,


We've tested WhatsApp calling on a UK S10 with some Buds, and it works through the Buds for us, so unsure why it isn't for you. 


Are you able to tell us more info?


  • Which country are you based in?
  • What software version is your S9 on?
  • Is your S9 open/unlocked to all networks; or locked to a network (if so, which one)?
  • Have you got the latest version of WhatsApp etc. on your phone?
  • Are you able to test this on a different Samsung phone to see if it still happens there too?
Hay @AntS
thanks for the quick reply.
Telephone: SM-G960F
Country: Germany
One-UI-Version: 1.0
Android-Version: 9
Basisbrandversion: G960FXXU6CSGD
Kernel: 4.9.59-16553818 (#1 Thu Aug 29 11:30:50 KST 2019)
Build: PPR1.180610.011.G960FXXS6CSH5
SE for Android: Enforcing SEPF_SM-G960F_9_0007 Thu Aug 29 11:00:50 2019
Knox Version: Knox 3.2.1 Knox API-Level 27 TIMA 4.0.0.
Provider Version:
Provider: Telekom (DE) -> Buyed there
Telephone should be unlocked and open.
Whatsapp-Version: Version 2.19.279 (BETA tester)

I'll test in the near future.

Thank you very much!
Best regards,

I'm unable to send voice notes using buds over whatsapp or even used internal app voice recorder with buds mic. The microphone just works for calls


When testing with other apps, make sure to have the phone itself away from the buds so you are sure that you are speaking through the buds mic and not the phone mic. 


I have the same problem. the buds microphone works with phone calls, but every other app that uses microphone only uses the phone mic instead (when galaxy buds are conected)


The main app that I'm trying to use is the Samsung Voice Recorder and I cannot record with the buds microphone

New Member

I've been having the same issue. I have a Samsumg Galaxy S9+ and a headset Sony WH-1000XM3. When using for calls the headset works fine, but whenever I try using it for voice recording in apps such as Whatsapp, Instagram or even Samsumg Voice Recorder, the internal mic is the one being used.


All the apps and Android software are up to date and already tried resetting cache...


Did somebody find any solution for this?


Same issue here. 


I have just received the buds today. For some reason they use the microphone on the actual phone to record voice messages on WhatsApp. So annoying. The phone works fine with WhatsApp. Only thing is I cant figure out how to end the call when on a WhatsApp call?


Does anyone have an answer to these questions?

First Poster

Hello to the community

I have bought  galaxy buds+ a few days ago

My phone is galaxy s10+ 

Both the phone and buds are updated to last vers.

I have same problem here my buds microphone working during calls but the phone using internal microphone while recording voice messages in telegram whatsapp etc or even in voice recorder app and thats a reall issuse for me 

Note : all those apps have all the permissions and they are updated to last vers 

Can you help me fix this please?!

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