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Barometer and Water lock mode not working (Galaxy Watch Active)

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So, the water lock mode keeps telling me the watch is wet when it's not and afterwords, it tells me to shake it to get water off and get the barometer and water lock working. I don't know what to do to solve it, I've already left it out of contact with water for days but that hasn't worked. Thanks for the support :winking-face:


Morning @Bruno_A ,


let's try this: Swipe to and tap Advanced > Water lock mode. Swipe to and tap Eject water, and then tap Play sound to clear water from the speakers. Additionally, be sure to perform the following:


  • Ensure the smart watch has been lightly shaken to help remove any extra water from it.
  • Prop the smart watch on its side with the speaker facing down (the Back and Power keys will be facing up) to allow excess water to drain out.
  • Verify if the water has been used while scuba diving, exposed to water over 164 feet deep, exposed to water at high pressures, or exposed to ionized water.

Thank you for replying, but my watch is active 1 not 2, so there's no speakers. Anyway, I'll try to leave it on rice for some time maybe, I don't know

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