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Active 2 watch disconnecting

(Topic created on: 01/07/20 06:13)
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Hi, i really need some help i bought an active 2 watch worked perfectly fine for a few weeks then started disconnecting from my phone but only partially as in someone would call and it wouldn't vibrate but would then send a notification to tell me i missed the call and wouldn't get email notifications etc until I disconnected and connected again but would do the same again after a few hours also on the wearable app the time shows 10:08 and the wrong date in the mini watch face but right time on the actual watch itself and it's always like that. so I reported this to Samsung and it was sent for repair came back and the same problem to which I was told to take it back to the shop for a new one which I did and yet again same problem so I phoned yesterday to explain and the agent recommended I tried it on a different device so I've since tried it on 2 other devices and still the same with still the wrong time showing on the app too but right on the watch, so I have eliminated it's not my phone and seen as I've swapped the watch for a new one only a week ago I can eliminate the watch this is obviously an app or software issue so what can i do? I now have a watch which cost best part of £300 that just tells me the time because it keeps disconnecting I switched from apple to Samsung because I believe Samsung is much better but I'm starting to doubt my decision. I have spent a long time with the agents going through every single step possible.