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Active 2 - Rear (glass) cover fallen off

(Topic created on: 29-05-2021 09:07 PM)
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I've had my Samsung Galaxy Active 2 (40mm) watch for around 18 months now. I've worn it consistently since I bought it, but aside from a swim every now and again, wouldn't say it's especially had much active wear.

Yesterday, however, I discovered that the rear glass cover (in front of the heartrate sensor) had fallen off in my sleep (I discovered it on the floor beside me).

I've seen a couple of similar threads in the US Community, e.g. and but didn't find any similar reports in the EU.

Has anyone else experienced this? I've been pretty happy with the product until now, but not impressed by the build quality if it can start falling after less than two years of normal - not especially active - wear.

Rear cover has come away from the main body of the watchRear cover has come away from the main body of the watch

I'd heard another poster say this. I really hope Samsung will investigate this. It's out of warranty I believe, but this shouldn't happen even over many years of wear surely.
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Had the same thing happen with mine recently (still in warranty).
The back cover had fallen off sometime during the day whilst wearing it at work and I didn't notice until I got home and went to charge it.
I had been working in a dusty atmosphere so there was a small amount of dust particles on the back of the watch but I didn't want to try and clean the exposed parts in case I damaged something.
Sent it off to Samsung last week and was then notified that the repair would be chargeable as there was corrosion on the sensors??
They wanted £40 to look at it and then give me a quote, if I accepted their quote then the £40 would be deducted from the total.
I have never got the watch wet so it could only be sweat?
Spoke to support on chat and they called up the engineers report and then said that the 'engineer' stated that there was impact damage to the rear cover!
The rear cover was not even there as it had fallen off and got lost at work.
Argued the toss for a bit longer but they came back with the same line - "the engineers decision is final and cannot be overturned).
I'm not a happy bunny 😡