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Worst TV Repair Service Ever

(Topic created on: 16-01-2024 08:13 PM)
First Poster

About 3 weeks ago, I called Samsung customer service to report my TV would not turn on. They diagnosed it and set it up for repair with quik service. After waiting for almost a week with no update, I called and asked for status. I wanted to request a date and time to repair TV but they informed me I couldn't, that Quik Service would notify me. I waited a few days and then I called again and they said it was scheduled on Saturday buttery didn't have a time. I called a day before repair and told them I needed a time and they said between 9-12. On Saturday an at about 10:30 technician called and said he didn't have part, and he didn't know when it would come in. Quik Service is closed on weekends so I couldn't call customer service. On Monday I Called QS, they didn't have any time when part would be here but they rescheduled  for Friday. I must have called Customer service over 8 times at this point. On Tuesday I got a msg my ticket was cancelled. I had to start all over, still not knowing when the part will be here. As of now they rescheduled for nxt week. I spoke to several managers, the process is so convoluted. It is over 3 weeks and still no idea about when I will get my TV repaired. Beyond all comprehension of normalcy!