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WiFi issues for TV


I've read all your posts and suspect the issue is a product defect across Samsung's entire product line.

I have great wifi signal (300Mbps at the router) and generally (100-150Mbps) in the room where I have my UN65MU6300 (2017 model) TV mounted. The wireless connection continues to drop on the TV, eventhough the signal is consistantly good (confirmed with other mobile devices). I've done all the suggested steps of unplugging the TV to reset, ensuring the firmware is up-to-date, modifying the ISP/DSN settings ( to get the wireless connection to stay connected. It will work for a period and then just terminate at will. Latest fix that I've been using is NetGear powerline (PL1200) and then an ethernet port connection into the wired port on the back of the TV. While the signal is consistent, it is way down in ping & speed (generally under 40 Mbps) and will buffer out (apps hang up) intermittently.

I'm considering buying another Samsung QLED, but would love Samsung to confirm this issue has been resolved in later models...

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