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(Topic created on: 18-06-2023 11:06 AM)
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s/n 090c3sIHB01979M  UE55kU6400uxxu  made in slovakia

Love this TV, best I have had, quick to respond, easy to use, great pictures, except for a single annoying issue with the opening sequence of the TV Series Taboo where he falls in the water and the screen is mainly black but this UE55 looks very pixelated in HD mode. This is the ONLY issue with viewing I have found, in all other areas it's great.  So good I got another for the kids so there are no arguments when I want to watch something  ;).

However, two white flares from the bottom edge and a dark area between them suddenly appeared on turning on the TV.

I contacted Samsung Warrantee to ask about repair on line and have not had a reply, now 3 weeks.

Be nice if anyone from Samsung UK could be bothered to reply. 

I think it just needs a bottom-led light strip unit. Maybe it's better to use a local TV repair shop.

Because of this no-response issue I just purchased a Hisense 65U7HQTUK from Costco for half the price of replacing the Samsung..and wow..just WOW.. vision and sound it's far superior in every way except the menu function that I'll probably get used to ..but you buy the TV for the view/sound AND for reliability and backup if it does go wrong.

Sadly my experience so far with Samsung UK and their non-response is frustrating and annoying. 

Hey WAKE UP .... are you interested in repairing it or not!


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WTF.... no wonder I'm not getting any posts from the UK forum go directly to the DUTCH form??????

Is this a way for Samsung to avoid dealing with customer issues???