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UE55Au8005 has no timeshift

(Topic created on: 22-09-2022 08:25 AM)
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Can somebody please confirm my deep disappointment? I just bought a UE55Au8005 TV. I know it is not the latest model, but it is a 2021 model, and it is 3cm slim, what made me choose it instead of a LG. And I can't still believe what I found out unfortunately too late to return it. It doesn't have Timeshift, or recording.... You can attach a HDD but it is useless. I still can't believe a Samsung 2021 model doesn't have Timeshift. It is 15 year old technology, it is basic. I should have checked it? maybe, but I didn't check it had a screen, or antenna input... it's so basic you just assume it, more even when you see the HDD connection... I hope I just missed something, or there is a firmware update or any kind of solution that can solve it. 

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Hi @Members_NlHQPRi  Manual says "  Using Timeshift
Play, pause or rewind live TV.
You can pause and rewind live TV by using Timeshift. Activating this function disables the Broadcasting function.

Try Now
To activate the Timeshift function while watching TV, press the button twice, and then press the Select button or
press the button and then select Timeshift, or press the button.
This function may not be supported depending on the model or geographical area.
When the Timeshift function is running, some functions are not available in Settings Broadcasting.
To use Timeshift, you must connect a USB device for recording. " 

However  not universally supported on this model  and cannot be enabled via software unfortunately. Not available on all the models, further information here 

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