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UE49RU7300K and Soundbar

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I have a Samsung UE49RU7300K TV and recently won a Sharp HT-SBW460 sound bar at work and am having some issues: 

I have my Xbox one x plugged into HDMI 1 and PS4 Pro plugged into HDMI 2 of the soundbar, then the soundbar plugged into HDMI 1 on the TV.  The consoles work fine and I get audio but whilst plugged into the sound bar they do not pick up that my TV is HDR10 compatible.

If I remove the sound bar and plug the console directly to the tv ( using the same hdmi port the sound bar was plugged into ) hdr and 60hz works fine. If I add the sound bar back in I lose hdr.


Also, if I try to use ARC (on HDMI 3 of the tv) I do not get HDR, but I assume only HDMI1&2 support this?


I reached out to Sharp first, and their reply was:


Some 4K HDR TVs require the HDMI input or picture settings to be set for HDR content reception. As we are unfamiliar with the settings of your Samsung television, can you confirm if your set is configured correctly to receive HDR signals via its HDMI ARC connection.


On my TV, I have

  • HDMI 1 - Soundbar / 4k Thruput
  • HDMI 2 - Sky Q
  • HDMI 3 - Nintendo Switch

Does anyone know of a solution, or is it just "what it is"?



Hi @gavinb1 , 🙂


Try this: Settings> General> External Device Manager> Input Signal plus > On, and let us know how it goes. 

Hi @AntS

Just tried it, and it was turned off for HDMI 3.

Just turned it on and checked my console, they now recognise the TV as being HDR compatible, and the HDMI arc is working for the other devices plugged into HDMI 1&2.

Thanks so much for your help, it worked perfectly

@gavinb1 , Awesome! 😎👍 And no worries. 🙂

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