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TV Specification - Does it have 'Pass through Atmos'?

(Topic created on: 20/02/21 16:10)
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I'm intending buying a Sonus Arc sound-bar which has Dolby Atmos to go with my Samsung UE55JS9000TXXU TV (Built 2015). But I've come across an article about the connectivity of the Sonus Arc sound-bar, which says this...
If you have a TV prior to 2018, it is likely your TV will have a standard HDMI-ARC connection. Some TVs are able to pass through Atmos using the Dolby Digital Plus codec whereas others are not, so it may be worth doing some research with your particular TV model to see if yours can do it.
My TV has a HDMI-ARC (In) connection on the 'One Connect' box and Dolby Digital Plus. However, can anyone inform me if my TV is able to pass through Atmos or not?