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TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi

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Hi, my Samsung smart TV (UE49NU8000 49, purchased 11 months ago brand new) keeps disconnecting from my WiFi. I have spoke to Samsung and they have even gone to the measure of sending a third party company out to replace the part that connects to wireless networks. However, its still doing it. 


The only way I can get it to reconnect is by turning the TV off and on again, it will not reconnect if I try and do it through the network settings, I have to turn the TV off and on again. 


I have spoken to my Internet provider, and all is fine on their side, and no other wirless connection (phones, Xbox etc) ever disconnect. 


I have done multiple factory resets, most of which were done whilst on the phone with Samsung, and all updates are done too. 


I am at a total loss, can anyone help? 





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The only work i will be doing to fix it is wait for Samsung to care. 

I just changed over to ethernet

Same here. I got un65 tv constant WiFi disconnect.  We are using linksys access point.  All equipment works fine except this tv.  Shame on Samsung for not fixing it and having such a poor knowledge about it blaming routers and internet providers.  It seems that bigger the company less they know about their own company and product.  


Vushaj: This seemed to help. Very simliar to what others described. Today i decided to finally diagnose poor Wifi performance. Weeks ago, I'd turned off my 5GHz channel on my network but that proved to be a bad choice, the WiFi speeds were so slow. So i re-enabled my 5Ghz channel. Everything was good...except for my Samsung 65 inch TV. The Samsung TV somehow disconnect, and i could re-connect it to the WIFI network, but the connection was short lived. And this reminded me, that this was my reason for turning of my 5GHZ channel on ISP router weeks ago.


But this time i needed to leave the 5GHZ turned on. But the TV would NOT STAY CONNECTED, not for a minute.


But i tried disabling the IpV6 and it seems to stay connected now. Will monitor it, but that seems to to have helped. 


Well we have a samsung household and use the Samsung smart things app to seamless control everything. Pointless when you have a problem and samsung ignore the issue. I reported my issue to Kirsty Caswell, the senior customer services executive at escalations on 28th April 2020. All I keep getting are evasive responsive and she refuses to give me the corresspondence address to the South Korean headquarters so I can give them a piece of my mind after investing thousands into their brand. This is the fourth time this has been repaired. Needless to say they've lost me as a customer and I just want this TV resolved and I'll be moving to LG or Panasonic on my next purchase. Shambles of a brand. Francis Chung uk Exec made a statement about helping NHS Key workers during this time and my wife being frontline key worker, Kirsty just fobbed us off after expressing her the challenges of being stuck in a flat during lockdown with a faulty TV, doesn't help especially when one needs a tv to help distract a toddler when your the only parent at home juggling childcare and also have to work.


Ps, rather than upgrading to the Galaxy S20, I went for the alternative android phone to move away from Samsung. The Xiaomi phones work just as good as Samsung with a lot less in price.

Hell with this Brand.


Dear Moderator - with all due respect, please don't bother replying just for the sake of replying like you have with other posts.


I am the same exact boat.  I have samsung phones, tv and sound bars.  Its quite upsetting this issue has not been fixed.  I keep getting told they need set up an onsite maintenance.  This will probably cost me half the price of a new TV and expose me to coronavirus.  But it seems like its not a hardware but software issue based on the pervasiviness of this problem.  

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i tried to reset network in the network settings of my tv.

you would have to type in the password and everything again but it worked.

hope it doesnt happen again

hope this helps


Hi. I got the same WiFi issue with my Samsung tv. Seems like the problem is 5 ghz. channel. I cannot find Ipv6 option on my tv- UE50MU6120. Seems like don't have such an option.


This is the problem I'm having.  While watching 'regular' TV via my Google set top box, everything works fine.  The problem is when trying to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime.


Reseting the Network allows it to reconnect after re-entering the password.  Previously, I was on eth, but after moving, that is not convinient.  This has been happening daily now for me.

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