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TV 8000 Series - Turning on and Off (common issue)

(Topic created on: 10-06-2023 04:23 PM)
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Hi there,

My Samsung TV model UE50TU8000KXXU started turning on and off after 2 years of usage.
Hundreds of people reported the same issue on forums, videos, twitter, etc. There is also a tip to put tape in one of the pins which helps sometimes (I haven't tried).
I talked to two repair services in Ireland, they said the same "8000 series is not good".
I just cannot accept that a 2 year old TV is useless and Samsung does not want to repair it.
A repair service is more than 50% of the TV's price, and the chance is 50/50.
Should I just bin it and buy a new one?
I am so frustrated. I bought a 40-inches Samsung TV for my mother in 2014 and it is working fine. I am absolutely disappointed having to replace a TV that is 2 years old.