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TU8300 and Amazon Echo , Help appreciated.

(Topic created on: 10-04-2022 02:39 PM)

Hi all, Recently bought a TU8300 curved TV.  Generally all good, lovely picture,  etc.  I also have some Amazon devices,  .. Echo shows x2,   Original Gen 1 Echo x2,,, and a couple of non descript, basic, pc type £15 soundbars.    so,, 6 sound devices total.  Once tv was up and running, I thought I`d try to connect the soundbars/speaker via BlueTooth, as opposed to using TV internal speakers.

So, For curiosity,  paired and connected every one, individually, to Tv, via BT. All there in BT speaker list, all paired, and all ready to connect.  Checked each one individually , and all worked individually.

So far, so good,  Then....   Because I only eventually intend to use the 2 x Original Gen1 Echo`s , ( I don`t use them as voice assistants anymore, but the sound quality is pretty good to use as speakers)  I then unpaired and disconnected, the 2 x Echo shows and the 2x non descripts, removed from BT speaker list, leaving only the 2x Gen 1 Echo`s in the list.

So,,, Sorry for long winded explanation, but is needed to understand,. 

To the problem...   What happens now , intermittently...Is that when I try to switch from Tv speaker to external  by choosing either one of the Echo`s in the BT speaker list, as soon as tv connects to an Echo,  the `Ambient mode` launches itself, stays on Ambient background picture for about 2 seconds, then displays a static `Music wall` image .  Unable to return back to live tv by pressing `Home` button on remote. or even using `back` button.    It`s just a static music wall image onscreen and silence.  Hard to explain, but it`s as though the tv thinks a sound `INPUT` has been connected.  Only way to remove is to X it off ,, But as soon as I hit X on music wall ,, the tv then disconnects from the Echo and returns back to tv picture, and back to tv speaker.      Baffled !. 

As a separate question....   Because both Echo`s are on the same Wi-fi network as the TV,  is there a way to connect to BOTH Echo`s to TV using wi-fi,  as opposed to BT ?.   

Many thanks for reading,  any help appreciated.   Thanks,,,,John,