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TU7100 TV failed after 2 years

(Topic created on: 10-07-2023 04:24 PM)
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Hi, I have a TU7100 TV since May 2021, it’s out of warranty but has stopped working completely. The main reason I chose the TV is that we have 2 other Samsung TVs both over 10 years and still work well. I contacted Samsung customer care today and was told the TV fault would be assessed free of charge, and if uneconomic to fix a contribution would be made by Samsung if I had to replace it as I was a loyal customer. Then the reference number given to me did not work with the service engineer company supplied by Samsung. I phoned you again only to be told I was out of warranty (already agreed, but was hoping for some supplier goodwill after very expensive TV to us broken down after 2 years) and they were sorry to have agreed to assess it free in the earlier call but that I would have to pay. Samsung have said they will investigate the complaint internally but I will not hear back from them.

This is lovely customer support for someone who thought they could buy with confidence


has anyone else had this experience?



Honestly they don't give a ***** about loyalty! I was a samsung fan for years but lately they've been seriously going downhill. Their January update bricked my watch 4, then june update made my s21 ultra keep restarting randomly, July update fixed that for a day! My phones warranty is also out by weeks.. sometimes I think they do this on purpose, to make you buy a newer model.. planned obsolescence... yeah I will buy a newer model but it won't be a samsung!