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The Frame TV - Turning on by itself, then after reset, cannot get past startup screen

(Topic created on: 11-01-2023 03:17 AM)

I purchased the 75” Frame TV (Model: QN75LS03BAFXZA) on 5/31/22 from Best Buy for $3,010.

The sole purchase of the TV is to display vertical artwork, so I spent time finding the perfect wooden frame, at a cost of $2,584, and it was delivered on 8/6/22. I then designed the securing mechanisms to mount the TV within the frame, custom wall mounts and mounting the control box in the next room. The frame was first used on 10/1/22 and have $5,594 and over 40 hours invested in this frame.

Around the last week in December, the TV started turning on by itself. It is never “turned on”, since it is always in “Art Mode”. Using the remote, I would “Turn off” the TV to get it back into “Art Mode”. However, it would “Turn on” in about two hours.

I verified that it had the latest firmware version, which I think an automatic update may have caused this issue. I read online that the SmartThings app might be turning it on, so I disabled the Wi-Fi on the TV. This did not remedy this issue.

I then “Reset to Factory Settings” through the menu structure. Now when the TV is turned on, the “Two Simple Options” screen appears, however it appears that the TV cannot read the remote button presses to select either “Smartphone” or Remote Control”. The remote has always worked without any issues, but still charged it, just to make sure that the remote battery didn’t die the exact same time that I preformed the reset. The control button on the TV opens the basic TV menu along the bottom of the TV, but does not control the setup screen.

I have less than two months usage of my Frame TV prior to this issue. Please provide a solution to this issue.

First Poster

I had the exact same issue about October last year, model was approximately 3 years old. 

Surprisingly the solution was to replace the invisible cable, not entirely sure why it was the source of the problem but Samsung replaced the cable for free.