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The Frame 2022 43" Color Cast

(Topic created on: 05-10-2022 02:35 PM)

I just bought the 2022 43" model.
In my case it has a color deviation to red.

The settings menu in art mode helps when you have a bias towards yellow or blue (temp), but is useless if you have it towards red or green (tint).

I do color correction and it's frustrating not to have this option to leave the correct color.
It is impossible to see any image well in art mode without a good calibration, my wall is white and the white of any image is reddish. It is a very obvious thing.

This product has a public that likes art and the most important thing is that the color fidelity is correct, without this the product loses a lot of value.

Either fix the sensor or at least add the tint option.


temp tint.jpg

wall color cast.jpg

In the example you can see my problem, I need to move the adjustment of the red of the tele through tint so that it reaches the center and the color is correct.


In this other image you can see the difference between the real image, the wall and the television.



The only temporary solution for something like this is to ignore the samsung art store, download the images from the internet and correct them with an image editing program (photoshop, lightroom, gimp..) to compensate for this tone.

It's a shame because I like the samsung store.



TV standard mode vs art mode


tv vs art mode.jpg




Yes I have a similar problem:  In Art mode there is only a red/blue slider and brightness option, but in TV mode there is full access to colour settings. The preset used for Art mode is inflexible and needs to be upgraded by Samsung.

First Poster

I have the exact same issue. I wish I was better with editing so I could skew the colors correctly so it looks right on the TV.