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2 x Freestyle for CinemaScope/Ultrawide 21x9 Scope Screens

(Topic created on: 03-12-2023 10:12 PM)
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Hey Everyone!

So here's a couple of Freestyle 2 implementation question I'm hoping someone can help with in my quest to solve a long standing home cinema problem.

Q.1. Am I correct in understanding that using 2 x Freestyle Projectors with Smart Edge Blending enabled combine to create a 21:9 Ultrawide image of 2560x1080p resolution?

Q.2. If movie is cast/sent to the projectors, will it remove the black bars at the top and bottom and maximise the cinemascope content?

I did speak with the Samsung Technical Support Teams but they didn't have enough information to fully answer the questions.

The reason for the questions is I am longing to create a home cinema setup to support a scope screen to 2.35:1/21:9 rather than traditional 16:9 widescreen content for which I already have a 2023 Frame TV. I'm a bigger fan of movies than TV so I would much prefer an ultrawide/cinema (scope) screen setup  with projectors that can maximise the space without my having to sell my kidneys (i.e. need it be affordable). The problem has been how to get that scope projected image at a reasonable cost.

Having spent months looking around, the only options seem to be using lens shift projectors (which are £2.5k+), video processors like Lumagen and MadVR (which are about £4,000+) or expensive projector optic lens like Panavision (which are easily £10k-15k second hand) so none of these are financially viable.

Ideally I would much rather have 2 x Freestyle 4K projectors (which don't exist - yet?) giving a resolution of something like 3840 x 1634 resolution for "4K" video but 2 x Freestyle projector setup at 2560x1080p for QHD would certainly be an acceptable middle ground between cost a proper ultrawide image without black bars.

I know the Freestyle 2's aren't 4k nor the brightest projectors out there but given I'm going to try and build this all discretely into a living room and it'll only be used for movies in a darkened setting, I'd be happy with the compromise.

Hope that makes sense and appreciate any thoughts and feedback.

Thanks in advance,