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Strange Pinging/Alert noise coming through speakers

(Topic created on: 02-06-2020 08:26 AM)



We bought a Samsung UE43TU7000 about a month ago, and yesterday it started making a seemingly random alert/pinging sound through the speakers both when watching TV and streaming Netflix etc. It isn't a speaker problem it is coming from the TV - I have a recording but I can't upload it here.


I've done a factory reset and updated the software but it is still occurring. Any advice would be appreciated because it is hard to google/look for a sound that seemingly plays at random!



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This is also happening to my Samsung tv I legit want a refund or a solution what and annoying noise!

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I Uninstalled the smartthing app and have not heard the notification sound. Fingers crossed

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Original topic:

Smart TV gives random notification pings sound

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I bought a 43" Samsung Smart TV TU8500. After setting up the TV and apps, I started getting a random notification sound from the TV. It happened regardless of what I was watching, or which app I was using. 

After some investigation, I narrowed it down to the presence of one of our mobile phones. If the phone was in range of the TV and home router, then the TV would give off random notification pings. If the phone was taken out of range and the TV was switch off, then back on; the notification pings stopped. Bring the phone back into range and the pings would start again. 

The only difference with this particular phone (both mobiles are Pixels), was how I setup the YouTube app. For this mobile phone, I used the mobile YouTube account, to link directly to the TV YouTube app. On the other mobile phone, I registered the YouTube account manually, via the YouTube activation code.

It would appear, that if you connect your mobile device directly to the TV. The TV will reestablish that connection, whenever the mobile device is within range. The notification pings, could be the periodic wireless handshakes, performed by the TV and the registered device. This would appear to a bug within the software, as any handshake pings shouldn't generate a sound.

I solved this problem by:
- removing the YouTube account, that was linked to the mobile phone.
- deleted all external device entries from:
     Settings->General->External Device Manager->Device Connection Manager->Device List
- Switched the TV off and then on.

I re-registered this mobile YouTube account manually, instead of linking it directly. This has solved the problem of random notifications for me.

ANYONE WHO EXPERIENCE THIS PROBLEM PING RANDOM NOTIFICATION SOUND WITH ANDROID BOX CONNECTED TO YOUR TV Your solution is to go to the main home of the Android box click on apps then click on YouTube then click on settings then click NOTIFICATIONS then Turn it OFF. Your problem is solved.