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Smart TV fails to play Peloton videos via internet app

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I am having an issue trying to use my Peloton log in via the internet app on the TV.  Browsing to site is fine but as soon as I try to play the actual video or class I get the OOPS message.  This is definitely caused by an update from Samsung. (Because folks with Auto Update turned off can still play videos).   Note to Samsung:  This does not make consumers happy....  


Any update on this?  In today's world, many of us are adapting to home workouts.  I just encountered the Peloton video issue on my Samsung TV internet browser.  Very frustrating.  Who at Samsung is looking into this?  


We are also trying to play peloton yoga classes etc on our brand new Samsung smart tv and experiencing the same issues. We want to use the classes whilst stuck home with Coronavirus. I think this is a disgrace Samsung. Give us back our peloton video capability.

to the moderator I am in the UK and want to know when I can play my peloton videos? 


Same issue. Can't play videos thru browser. Someone fix this *****.


I don't need this stupid browser for anything else; and the one *****ing thing I need doesn't work. Please someone fix this ***** 

This makes no sense. Just wasted two hours of my life. Who are the nerds
responsible for this. Should be simple to fix!

Here's why they won't help us -- Samsung is not an Android TV. https://9to5google.com/2020/04/02/peloton-android-tv-app/

I don't see what that's got to do with anything? This issue is not about the Peloton app. Its about accessing their web site, which the Samsung browser can do. And playing video off the Peloton website, which the Samsung browser does not do!



I have 3 samsung TV in my house. one of them is able to play the peloton video in the browser. the firmware is 1280.

TV model UN65MU8000FXZA

on my other two samung TV (different , older models - one is UN40KU6300FXZA), I cannot event connect to the website - it says oops, something went wrong. the firmware is 1242.

So nothing make sense, I wonder why it would work on one TV and not the other two...

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