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Smart TV fails to play Peloton videos via internet app

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I am having an issue trying to use my Peloton log in via the internet app on the TV.  Browsing to site is fine but as soon as I try to play the actual video or class I get the OOPS message.  This is definitely caused by an update from Samsung. (Because folks with Auto Update turned off can still play videos).   Note to Samsung:  This does not make consumers happy....  

Hi all,

Have you tried getting in touch with Peleton directly for more help with this? As this is only happening with the one app, they would most likely be the best team to speak to.

To all moderators hosting this thread:


Here is a link to a video describing how we access the Peloton website and play their videos using the Samsung browser. It might also help to read some of the comments.


The Problem Description:

1. This problem is not a "Peloton" website problem. It is a Samsung software update problem in at least version 1270 and higher.


2. This problem started in "Samsung" TV software update #1270. Any update before software 1270, the Peloton website video streaming using the Samsung browser works.


3. I have a Samsung TV model number UN40MU7000 with initial software update 1270. When Peloton video streaming from the Samsung browser worked, the TV was running software version 1251. Since the TV was auto updated to this version 1270, I can no longer play Peloton videos on this TV. I can access the Peloton website and log in, but no video will play. I can also access other websites like and play videos with no problems. Again, before the update from software version 1251 to software version 1270, I could successfully play Videos from the Peloton website.


4  I also have a 2nd Samsung TV model QN55Q7FNA currently running software version 1260. I can successfully play Peloton videos using the Samsung browser on this TV. Of course, I have software auto update disabled so I will not lose the ability to play Peloton videos from the Samsung browser.



Looking at my specific case listed above,

It’s clear that this is a Samsung software issue that started in software version 1270 or later. Something in this fix is preventing or broke the streaming ability of Peloton videos using the the Samsung browser. The question is this. Will the moderators take this problem seriously and look into providing a fix for the issue.


A few Ideas on how to resolve this problem:


A) As a workaround, provide steps to back out the TV software to an older version (1251 or lower).


B) Provide the ability to load a third party browser on the Samsung TV (i. e. From the Samsung store).


Any attention given to this problem is greatly appreciated.









Hi all,


This forum is only supported by the Samsung UK & Ireland team - and my Moderator powers are telling me that everyone apart from the Moderators in this thread is from the US.  :winking-face: Of course you are all welcome here, but it might be best to report the Peleton issue to Samsung US. Also, unsure if you're aware, but we've got a Samsung US Community too. :smiling-face::thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


AntS Moderator,


My user powers are telling me that maybe you could have reported this problem to Samsung US a long time ago. After all, you are the one that works for Samsung? This problem isn't new. Isn't the goal here for you to actually "help" people in this forum? Maybe I'm mistaken. My apologies. I'll report it myself. You moderators have done nothing but deflect this issue since this thread was opened anyway. 


It seems that others in the UK and Ireland are having the same problem. Why couldn't you forward my problem to the US? Basically Samusung isn't helpful and their product doesn't work well.  I'll be sure to post my problem on the US Community board as well, although I suspect that Samsung won't do anything about the problem. 


Samsung is divided into local subsidiaries – each with its associated dedicated support teams. Overall, it’s very difficult for us to report US-specific issues to Samsung US and vice-versa. Each subsidiary relies on its local support to initially spot and pick up issues.


At best, even we had managed to get something through to Samsung US, the response would’ve been: “Thanks for letting us know! Please advise customers experiencing this issue to get in touch directly with us so we can investigate and provide appropriate help to them.”


Which is why I advised you guys to get in touch with Samsung US, and directed you towards the Samsung US Community. That's genuinely the best way to move it forwards for you.


(If it makes you feel better, you can view it as Samsung US valuing your voices more than mine.)


@dd8pnyc wrote:

It seems that others in the UK and Ireland are having the same problem. 

If they are, I'd encourage them to post here with their model number, software version, description of what's happening for them, and any relevant info they can give; and/or get in touch with our Support team:thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type: 

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anyone have a fix for playing peloton in Samsung tv?   Intevrnwt nor Miracast will not work



I was told on US message board that you cannot use the Samsung browser app for Peloton videos because it does not support Flash videos. Perhaps this is related to a software update. Perhaps not.  I don't know about mirroring.  I have been on both US and UK message boards and you will NOT get any help from the moderators. They just try to say it is a problem with Peloton, your TV, or otherwise pass the buck. If I were you, I would give up on trying to get your Samsung TV to work with Peloton. I have. 


I bought an Amazon fire stick and do mirroring from my iPad it's relatively easy. Now I can view peloton classes on my Samsung TV


If someone from Samsung told you that playing Peloton videos from the Samsung browser is not supported, they were correct, at least now they are. Samsung blocked the ability to do so in their software updates. Peloton video playing worked fine before the software update. No response from moderators to this thread and the US thread is simply and indication that:


1. They know about this block because they facilitated it. 

2. They don't plan to do anything about it because it was intentional. 


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