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Smart TV disconnected from Virgin WIFI and won't reconnect

(Topic created on: 02-07-2018 10:01 PM)
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When I got my Smart TV model UE43M5520, I tried to connect it to my Virgin WiFi. It refused to connect at first, stating I had the wrong password. After restarting the WiFi, I tried again with no luck. I turned the TV off and on, and it worked.


One month later I'm watching TV and Netflix states that no internet connection is available halfway through a programme. I try to re-connect on the WiFi, and it comes up with an error message saying Wireless network disconnected, stating I had the incorrect password.


I have tried everything. I re set the WiFi router. I turned the TV off and on. I reset network settings. I changed the DNS settings to 8888 as other threads have recommended and 8844. No luck! I turned my TV off all weekend and that hasn't worked. I've checked for updates (there are none) and restarted the Smart Hub.


I tried chatting with a live agent on the Samsung website but as soon as I got the message that they were reading through my query, it ended the chat and asked how satisfied I was with my answer. Not very!


Looking for some help. I'd hate to have to return this TV as I was enjoying having a Smart TV, but this is ridiculous. I can't even use the darn thing.


I have found a workaround for this issue.


I bought a WiFi range extender from Amazon for £20, as I initially thought the signal was not reaching the tv for some reason.


The range extender made no difference, but then I realised I could plug it into the TV using a network cable (I had one in an old broadband router box), to make a wired (rather than wireless) connection.


It works a treat!  It is plugged in next to the TV plug, and I only need switch it on when I want to watch something on Netflix etc.


I guess there is a fault with the wireless card, but a £20 fix is better than paying £100+ for Samsung to come and shake their head!