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Smart TV - Ads on the Menu Bar


Surely there must be a way to disable this? If I'd known I'd be getting this I'd have brought a different brand. It's annoying me to the point where I'm serious considering getting rid. Sounds dramatic but it feels invasive. 

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It's so frustrating!


It is indeed frustrating.. And as you can see, I don't think you're being anywhere near what I think is dramatic. That would be like taking your TV outside, set it on fire with live recordings and then post it on their facebook 😄 This is just telling them to stop invading our privacy when we actually payed for their product!


I have the exact same problem in Denmark.


I bought an expensive Samsung Frame TV - now with ads it feels like a discount product!


I am NEVER EVER buying a Samsung product again - unfortunantley I bought the Note 10 plus a month ago - but thats not gonna happen again!!!


I am really mad - I dont get why they treat their customers like this - it will only lead to dissapointment and a feeling that the products are discount products!

I'm from Canada. These advertisements are a problem here as well. I simply wouldn't have purchased the product had I known and regret the decision to spend my money with this brand.

It may seem like a small thing but I don't have advertisements on display in my home because it's my HOME. Period. 

Yeah, I paid over $1000 for my tv and now you want to use me to milk ad revenue? No thanks.

I bought my Samsung TV 2 years ago and paid £1300 which I was satisfied with until a firmware update that forced advertising onto my TV. They appear on the menu bar and the TV reguarly starts up defaulting to channel 4000 where it used to display ads now just displays a blank screen then makes the TV painfully slow and unable to change channel or inputs.


I paid for a premium product and I object to having advertising forced onto it without my consent. I will get rid of the TV and buy another brand. Shame as the TV is fantastic otherwise and I chose this originally over other brands due to it's exceptional picture quality. Sorry Samsung but I'm not going to buy one of your products again.


It's so frustrating because it's not like their products are bad. 


You don't get this problem with Android TV so just a bit disappointed Samsung would feel the need to do this. 


I'm with you on that one! 


Advertising is everywhere you look. Last place I need to see it is when I'm chilling at home trying to escape and it pops up on my TV. Not acceptable. Especially as Samsung it the retailers don't make you aware of this. 


It's like buying a brand new car and a week later the manufacturer turns up and covers it with marketing stickers!


Yeah, should not be on a premium priced product either. The TV has got slower and slower with recent updates and factory resetting it does not help. Now that other manufacturer's are making OLED's I think it's time I switched from LCD's to OLED and back to Panasonic whilst I'm at it. 2-3 years ago Samsung's LCD's were in my opinion better than anything else out there but others have caught up now. 


Same thing here, I haven't turned on my TV in over a month, today I noticed flipping through live TV which I get via rabbit ears all these other channels....  After poking around I see they're coming from my internet connection, not the rabbit ears.   I figured out how to disable those channels, via channel list,  edit,  high-lite the ones I don't want, then delete,  but what the F**K is this ad on the menu bar?    Anyone figure out how to remove it?

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