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Setup my UE58TU7100KXXU

(Topic created on: 04-02-2021 05:11 PM)
Hey Guys
Having abit of a nightmare with a new 4k smart TV.
Always been a big Samsung fan but this tv is driving me nuts.
Bought the above mentioned model as I read the remote could work as a universal remote for compatible devices connected to the TV.
First problem was the soundbar.
I have a Kitsound Ovation which is as they claim compatible with Samsung devices.
Unfortunately when I connect via optical cable I cannot control the audio (fair enough if optical cables only transmit data one way) but the soundbar makes a weird static noise and cuts out when I change what I'm watching eg use a tv app or change source to HDMI. This is despite having settings set to PCM and tv speakers to 0 and audio set to optical. 
I also tried connecting hdmi out (soundbar) to hdmi (tv) purely for audio.
Tried connecting STB to soundbar to tv again rubbish as you need to constantly change source on soundbar when going from STB to prime/netflix/ps4
I tried factory resetting the tv etc now the tv will not recognise the Humax HB-1100S which is plugged directly into the tv via HDMI 2 (arc). This means another remote despite the fact that when I first set this up, The tv was able to detect and control this freesat box.
The only thing this tv is now properly communicating with is the ps4 (hdmi 1).

So I am left with 3 remotes now which was not the plan and a tv which is getting dumber with every factory reset (checked for software updates each time).

Going into universal remote setup is a waste of time even though it recognises the model of kitsound ovation and humax hb-1100s.

Do I return the tv altogether?
Samsung customer service was useless and told me to contact Kitsound and contact Humax basically its not the tvs fault....except it kinda is.

Hope I've provided enough info for someone to weigh in.

#factoryreset #configuremytv