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Samsung you stated Freesync Premium VRR with all 2020 QLED's. Why is the picture quality so bad in game mode?

(Topic created on: 25-02-2021 07:42 PM)

To Samsung

  I purchased a 75 inch Q80T, because it had Freesync Premium VRR.  In your commercials and on your website, there was not information stating, yeah we can do 4K @ 120fps (which is does do) but that your picture quality will be about 50 percent of what it is normally. 

I keep hearing about the "firmware" update to fix this.  I am currently at 1460 (the latest) and still blacks are more grayish and colors are just off. 

Your new 2021 QLED's will have Freesync Premium Pro but that only is going to work on certain AMD graphic cards (this allows the card to do all the work and not the TV) which is great but does not help us. 

That being said, your 2021 QLED's will have the same problem that the 2020's are having, unless..... you figured something out. 

If you look at the board there are hundreds of posts concerning Freesync VRR, can you at the least give us 2020 owners and if you want to sell your 2021 QLED's to gamers, the status update of this issue? 

You are starting to act like Sony when it comes to VRR issues, which as you know, is not a good thing. 

have a good day 

First Poster

Basically there is a difference between Freesync and G-Sync (hardware module) on PC monitors, the G-Sync system supports whats called dynamic overdrive and dynamic gamma curve.

This is what allowed hardware G-Sync displays retain their image quality with VRR active.

Freesync on the other hand does not mandate these costly features and because image quality in general is so bad on PC monitors most people simply didn't notice.

However the image quality on high end TV's is a lot better and when they started adopting Freesync the flaws in the Freesync method are exposed, this also applies to HDMI Forum VRR & G-Sync compatible which are similar in function to Freesync.

The Freesync Preimum Pro certification cant really solve these problems, though it probably tried to massage them, you need a costly and very fast video processor cable of dynamic overdrive and dynamic gamma curve tracking.