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Samsung won’t give refund for returned bezel

(Topic created on: 07-03-2022 10:37 AM)
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Hi all,

hoping to get some help.

I have a Samsung frame tv and decided to purchase a bezel late last year. The website wasn’t helpful in confirming which bezel I needed for my TV so I purchased the 2021 teak bezel for 50” Frame TV.

it arrived, I unpacked it and it was clear it didn’t fit straight away. So I repackaged it up and spoke to support on live chat and they confirmed which one I needed for my TV. I placed the order for this bezel which was the 2020 beige bezel.

I couldn’t find away to return the first bezel as there was no returns slip in the package and when I tried to find the order in my account it was just saying no order. So I rang Samsung support and the woman on the phone sorted the return which included organising a DPD collection. When I raised a concern that there was no return slip to identify the order she said the driver would attach the label. The bezel got picked up and I was given a tracking number.

fast forward to 2022 and realise I haven’t been refunded yet. I raise this via email with support and they say they’ll look into it. Then I get a response confirming they won’t refund me. I raise with Samsung U.K. on Twitter who chase the issue up for me. Just received another response this weekend confirming they won’t refund me. They say I haven’t returned the right item. I keep explaining about the two orders and that Samsung organised the return so maybe there’s been a mix up but all I get is rude and abrupt responses.

I’ve never dealt with such a poor customer support team. They won’t confirm what has been returned or to cross reference it with my other order. So at present I am out of pocket by £89 and they are just refusing a refund. How is this legal? I am so frustrated at dealing with Samsung, it makes me want to sell the ***** Tv as they are such a poorly run support team and rude as well. 

Does anyone know what else I can try? I feel they are calling me a liar about what I returned and I feel annoyed that I trusted them to organise the return when I should have insisted they sent me a return slip. 


Hi @Lottiecee, That doesn't sound good at all. 😞


Not sure that us Mods can do more than our colleagues on Twitter in this instance, but if you do want us to have a look into this for you, can you send us a Private Message on our @Sam_UK  account?


(If you need/want it, guidance on how to send a private message on the Samsung Community: )


Take the matter to the small claims court, you can make a claim online and sounds as if a reasonable independent person will find in your favour.