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Samsung TV suddenly started making clicking/ ticking noise both when on and off (QLED QE55Q7F)



I bought this TV around 2 months ago.


everything is great except since last week the TV suddenly started to make this clicking / ticking noise every once in a while.


the noise comes from behind the TV and is very similar to mouse click.

it is audible and distracting.


it doesn't matter if the TV is on or off and it does happen even after hours (8+) after TV is turned off, so I don't think it's related to normal hot/cold electrical expanding noise.


it makes this noise every few seconds..sometimes it stops for few hours and then goes on with less requency.


the TV functions normally aside from this noise.

this noise was not present at first and it started just recently.


what is this noise and what should I do?

anyone has similar experience?


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Engineer says new panel needed for the clicking issue


I am for sure getting my money back from the retailer, i did not pay 1000€ to get a ticking TV, shame on samsung, I know I'm not buying anything from the ever again. If they will not return my money I will go to the legal way, this is driving me crazy.

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Checking in with the Q8FN 55" also making these noises. I haven't seen anyone online so far with the 8 series having these issues so I started to think maybe it was a non-issue and was bugging me more than it should, but I've seen at least one person reporting in now with the issue as well on this thread.


A lot of people here are ranting and saying they're going to return their TVs, but has anyone actually found a solution yet? It's a beautiful TV and if there's a fix I would certainly rather go for that.


I read about a firmware update Samsung pushed (1230.0) but it has since been taken down (or never available for the 8 series, hard to tell) that solved the ticking noise.


I don't see how a firmware update could save a bad housing material problem, not make the TV so hot maybe?


Of course, we would rather find a solution to this, I don't want to have the hassle of returning this huge ass tv, it's all just a pain in the ass.


@ljo wrote:

I don't see how a firmware update could save a bad housing material problem, not make the TV so hot maybe?

Yeah I'm not too sure myself, I did read a bit about somewhere on this thread about the same issue, but another person on that thread says they pulled it because it was causing bugs for other users. I asked Samsung Support last night about it, but they just said my software and firmware was already fully up to date.


It's a real pain having to return the TV but if it's a bad material problem (which it certainly sounds like) I don't see another solution. So now my biggest problem is... well, who DOESN'T tear apart the big ass box their TV came in that they now need to return it just to get it out...

Quick update spoke to curry’s last night and after 3 weeks of continuous ticking I’m getting a replacement tv this Saturday same make and model so will keep you updated if the same fault occurs. A huge thanks to curry’s for their service and prompt decision

Get tv changed straight away if you have clicking sound it doesnt stop after 10 weeks being on for 1200 hours. Panel fault so samsung say


3 months on 15 hrs a day screen on showing picture still clicking. Natural not as bad switch to dynamic its worse so its temp related yes ?


I’m the guy on his third TV, with the NU8000 65”. I’ve had the screen replaced, power supply replaced, everything replaced and it still ticks like a clock. Cheap plastic.

Refund currently in progress. Bought the first TV in July 2018, replaced in Oct 2018, and replaced again in Jan 2019. Had enough.




75 nu8000 panel clicking get it changed once for the new panel released by samsung they know about fault now.

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