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Samsung TV suddenly started making clicking/ ticking noise both when on and off (QLED QE55Q7F)



I bought this TV around 2 months ago.


everything is great except since last week the TV suddenly started to make this clicking / ticking noise every once in a while.


the noise comes from behind the TV and is very similar to mouse click.

it is audible and distracting.


it doesn't matter if the TV is on or off and it does happen even after hours (8+) after TV is turned off, so I don't think it's related to normal hot/cold electrical expanding noise.


it makes this noise every few seconds..sometimes it stops for few hours and then goes on with less requency.


the TV functions normally aside from this noise.

this noise was not present at first and it started just recently.


what is this noise and what should I do?

anyone has similar experience?


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Bet you it does it aswell

I've got this problem on my NU8005 65 inch TV. It's driving me crazy. I went for Samsung thinking their QC was good, but there is an obvious design flaw in several series it seems. Unacceptable. I bought this TV a couple of days ago so I should just return it, but it's such an effort to do so. I'm just hoping it will go away by itself, though i doubt it... I really hope there's a fix for this problem meaning I wont have to send it back. 

Get your money back now before they start there ***** buy an lg.

Well got my replacement Q7 65”  yesterday just got up for work there as I start early was keeping everything crossed that I wouldn’t have a repeat of the past 3 weeks but I’m sorry to report it has the very same issues. Bitterly disappointed Curry’s are not to blame they were great in there response to my complaint replaced the tv within 3 days. This issue lies firmly with Samsung. It’s definitely an expansion problem is it cheap plastic only they will no. My sister bought one when they first came out with no issues that was the reason I b bought it. Samsung wouldn’t be the first company to change suppliers to a cheap alternative once they initially caught the consumers attention with a great product. Going to give it a week to see if it improves but won’t be holding my breath. 

Has anyone had their 75 inch nu8000 or 65 fixed yet. Is there anyone been told its the back panel?

Yeah I also got a repacement for my 55 Q8F, and within seconds of turning it on for the first time it started ticking again. I moved it to a different plug as I read it might be an issue with the electricity, and so far it definitely seems much less frequent while on, but just as frequent when turned off which is odd. I literally just opened it for the first time maybe half an hour ago, so it is definitely liable to change but I'll probably keep experimenting with different plugs and things. As I write this comment I've had the TV on in the background (mostly on mute) and I haven't heard the tick once, but as I say when I turn it off it starts going again.


I'm going to turn it off for a bit and let it cool right down, then turn it on again and see if it starts doing it while on again.

Hello all


I also have this issue with my QE65FNA.  They replaced my first TV but second do the same clicking noise.

I tried many many things to find the reasons but at the moment i still hear the noise.  

Firmware is the latest ( end of December ) , no cables attached, new power cord ,  local diming set to low,  brightness set to low, no hdmi cables, 5v common card inserted. 

I don't know what is the next step, I have to askf for 3rd replacement ?


See the videos


First TV


Second TV ( replacement )

I don't know if I said this before or not (I'm the original topic starter).

on my 55Q7F that I bought last January,I noticed the clicking a few weeks after buying and setting up the TV.

but after a while it became less frequent.much less.

now it's exactly 1 year that I own this TV,and the clicking is very occasional,to the point that for some time I thought it's resolved completely.

but it still happens,but very occasionaly and doesn't bother me anymore.


it is still a strange issue and I don't really know why such premium and expensive TV should have this isse? and why even the newer models have the same issue?


I don't buy the "cheap plastic" etc reason some people said,others like Sony and LG use same/ lower quality plastic in their recent LCD TVs too.


people saying retrun it and buy some other brand must realize there really aren't many alternatives,LG doesn't have any LCD LED TV that is even close to quality and performance of QLED range,the only option is OLED TV,but I think people who bought payed this much and bought Samsung QLED already decided they don't want OLED because of it's disadvantages.

the only other brand is Sony,it has some premium LCD TVs that do compete with Samsung QLED but I still think QLED is superior with much better design/brightness/anti reflective coating and more vibrant colors,and ofcourse so much better smart features and operating system.




Hey! I have the same Samsung as You, my TV has that annoying tick sound, it went away from yours? 

Hey Ranger, yes you have mentioned you are the original poster.
To be honest, I'll take a Soniq cheap ass model that doesn't tick like a friggen clock, over a QLED whiz-bang $4,000 tv that drives me insane.
Just sayin.
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