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Sky Q Problem with QE65Q7F & QE55Q7F

(Topic created on: 05-02-2021 02:45 PM)
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Please Help 

I have sky q 2tb box UHD installed nearly 3 years ago and bought 2 new samsung smart tv's at the same time. QE65Q7F and QE55Q7F neither TV picks up 2160p and default to 1080i in the audio and visual setup on the sky box. I have to force through on to 2160p after getting a couple of error codes and then clicking continue im then presented with the 8bit or 10bit colour option. As far as I am aware the tv can handle 10 bit but on the sky setup both tv's will only play on 8 bit. Now sky have launched HDR thats quite annoying. Not sure if this complicates things but both tv's are connected to a wyrestorm uhd 4k matrix and after contacting sky a couple of times I still can't resolve the problem. Is there a setting on the TV i've overlooked or is it more complicated due to the matrix?? 


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Hi @JWRIGHT598   Just checking that you have the latest firmware updates  for both the Tv's and Skyq  Box.  When you encounter the  UHD error , would try resetting Sky  Box to see if that makes a difference.  From my understanding there have been more problems with the first generation Q Boxes but not universally, those Boxes with external power supply tend to work better. However sometimes the issue can be the cable, therefore can you try another High Speed cable if you have one available  or should not have to spend too much to purchase.   

As far as the Matrix goes  assuming it is HDCP 2.2 compatible, however  I have found out  that the Q Box can  have a problem if you also select it as a Source on a 1080p Display and/ or depending on how the Matrix presents EDID/HDCP the SKY Q  (do not have such a system myself though)   

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