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Samsung TV suddenly started making clicking/ ticking noise both when on and off (QLED QE55Q7F)



I bought this TV around 2 months ago.


everything is great except since last week the TV suddenly started to make this clicking / ticking noise every once in a while.


the noise comes from behind the TV and is very similar to mouse click.

it is audible and distracting.


it doesn't matter if the TV is on or off and it does happen even after hours (8+) after TV is turned off, so I don't think it's related to normal hot/cold electrical expanding noise.


it makes this noise every few seconds..sometimes it stops for few hours and then goes on with less requency.


the TV functions normally aside from this noise.

this noise was not present at first and it started just recently.


what is this noise and what should I do?

anyone has similar experience?


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Listen to the audio of the issue here.


and here at 1:36


I will never never never never buy a samsung tv  in my life because i had this issue in my 50mu7000 2017 model. And now i bought the 55 q60r and this clicking sound drives me crazy and i cant even sleep. All new samsung have this issue, simply samsung is selling us cheap and bad components for some high prices 😠


Costco Concierge (after 4 hours on the phone) finally sent out a technician to replace teh power supply board, the motherboard, and the speakers. The popping/cracking sound is perhaps worse than before.


I don't see any screws to loosen. The technician showed me a custom tool they use to snap off the back of the enclosure.


I've been waiting a week to find out what are the next steps.


Just got the samsung u8000 65 inch tv a couple weeks ago and it too is doing the horrible annoying click sound from the back of the tv (sounds like a mouse's nails running around in the tv!!!) I initially thought I had a critter in the wall behind the tv even though the tv is not wall mounted. The clicking noise is coming from the lower back left corner area of the tv itself. Purchased the tv from best buy, obviously cut the box up after a few days of the tv working just fine. It's not that simple to go buy a new one and return this one that is clicking. (I had to take all the seats out of my van to get the tv box inside my van to transport it to my house) what a pain in the ass. To spend 1100 us dollars on a tv to have it click day and night!!! The tv itself works great, it's been very helpful and useful for cyber schooling the kids (hard to see everything on a 5 inch phone or 10 inch tablet screen) but this clicking noise is beyond annoying!!!! I thought samsung was a great company. I've been using their phones and tablets for decades. This is the first Samsung TV that I have ever purchased. After this experience and reading so many issues with this Clicking sound....I don't think I'm ever going to buy a samsung tv again! Anyone in the usa been able to fix it besides replacement of the whole tv? 

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Same here, got the TU8300 curved tv, I observe first, after turning it off, the popping, ticking noise started,  it occurs every 3 minutes or so, until the it is gone after an hour maybe. 


Also noticed the popping, when the TV is turned on for the first time, or when from cold, random popping, ticking, also, when I change a video source, ticks pops also, even in watching YouTube, when I select a video, sometimes, it pops, ticks


Also when I paused a video, from any source, then after maybe a few minutes, when I play it, sometimes, it pops.


Really annoyed with this issue, I hope this will go away, the picture is okay, just this random ticks, pops. 


Any TU8000 series up here exhibiting the same issue? 



I have had exactly the same epxerience, does yours still click? I am on my second unit also still clicking and this is rediculous here is a video:


when are samsung going to own up to this and fix these units


This is ridiculous. That is worse than any of my multiple Samsung TV‘s were.

Responding to your question: they won’t fix it. They can’t and they don’t care.

Return the Unit under your return-policy.

Buy a TV from another brand. I suggest a wonderful OLED and you’ll be happy.

Cheers and all the best.


Interesting to see this has been marked as the „solution“ when it clearly is not. If this solved the problem for anybody then it was pure coincidence or the panel has become more movable within the chassis since the repair.

The problem occurs from the panels metal and plastic. Temperature causes materials to expand and retract. If this is not taken into consideration during the DESIGN then these cracking noise problems start to occur regularly. Samsung obviously has a serious design problem here and they are not solving it.  Other manufacturers can do it. Unbelievable this has not been solved since 2016.


Mine was clicking. After the service technician replaced practically all the internal parts (excluding the panel) it continued (obviously). He came back and actually listened/reproduced the problem with me and I was allowed (thanks to my special Costco warranty) to return the entire TV. (When I was returning it a Costco employee broke the panel--haha).


So disappointed. Just got a 7 series and the clicking is ridiculous when it's off. Going to try to exchange at the store (was a gift so gonna have to ask for that gift receipt lol)

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