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Samsung TV suddenly started making clicking/ ticking noise both when on and off (QLED QE55Q7F)



I bought this TV around 2 months ago.


everything is great except since last week the TV suddenly started to make this clicking / ticking noise every once in a while.


the noise comes from behind the TV and is very similar to mouse click.

it is audible and distracting.


it doesn't matter if the TV is on or off and it does happen even after hours (8+) after TV is turned off, so I don't think it's related to normal hot/cold electrical expanding noise.


it makes this noise every few seconds..sometimes it stops for few hours and then goes on with less requency.


the TV functions normally aside from this noise.

this noise was not present at first and it started just recently.


what is this noise and what should I do?

anyone has similar experience?


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Short summary of my  support experiences.

I had random reboots with my Q6FN and also the clicking noises. So I contacted Samsung.

They picked up my TV and had it repaired at a local repair shop. They changed the case, wirelss adapter and motherboard and checked it supposedly, but the problem still exists.
I first contacted Samsung in mid-November and had no TV for more than two weeks.


I have had many TVs, but I have never had such problems.

I have now contacted Samsung again. I am curious what will come out of it.



I have a 65Q70R, which I just bought in mid-December 2019 in Switzerland. So, this is the 2019 version of Q7FN.

First time I turned on the TV, after 1-2min, I started to hear these loud cracking noises very clearly. I had not removed the transparent plastic on the screen and thought that might be the issue. Removed it: cracking noises went on. They stopped when I turned off the TV. So, the cracking came only when the TV was on, and it came from the bottom of the TV, seemed to be coming from the speakers, like a static; clear and loud cracking noises every few seconds. Putting the TV to mute did not stop the noises though. Only turning off the TV stopped the noises -which is different from most of the cases explained in this thread.


Both my (Swisscom) TV box and (Sony) bluray player were connected to the TV via HDMI. A friend recommended me to play with the HDMI slots and try switching/removing them. When I removed the Bluray player HDMI, the noises stopped. And from that point on, I had no cracking noises for the last month or so. Until today! 5min after I turned on the TV this morning, a TV channel was on -on Swisscom box- and the cracking noises came back. But, it was only on that channel, I tried with 9-10 others and they did not have it. I tried Youtube app, Netflix app and they had nothing either. When I came back in the afternoon, that TV channel also worked fine, no noises.


So, my cracking noises seem to be electrical/static, coming from the speakers and the reason seems to be some electric interference. I thought it was hardware and/or cable related (thus removing the bluray worked), but today's issue with a single channel made me think, perhaps there was something wrong with their TV broadcast which other channels did not have. Samsung's troubleshooting has this link for my kind of problem:


Next time the TV repeats these crackings, I will record a video for sure. Otherwise it might be hard to go to Samsung, because they are not continuous. Still,  I am also hesitant to do that because they seem to take it to repair, and not replace it. These problems -which seem to be widespead- are a shame for Samsung, as the TV is otherwise great.



I am also from Switzerland and have been through several Samsung nightmares ranging from 2016 to 2019 with many different QLED models between 65" and 82". All I can say is: Keep your hands off them and don't waste your money. They all have issues, if you are somebody without issues you are either very lucky or just haven't noticed. The "haven't noticed" customers are the ones Samsung likes the most and the ones they live off. Because most people are just too simple to notice problems and defects on their TV because they simply don't care. They just want to watch TV - and if there is picture and sound - that's enough for them... If Everyone noticed these problems, Samsung would be out of business.

Simple solution to your problem: Do not contact Samsung, contact your seller. Make it clear you are not satisfied and that you want your money back. Repairs don't solve the problem and dealing with Samsung is a huge pain in the A...

You bought an inferieor product and you can clearly ask for your money back. Stand by your rights and do not let them push you toward Samsung. Expecially if you are still within 30 days of purchase!

Get your Money back, buy another brand of TV, and enjoy what Samsung could not offer you.



Yes, the thermal expansion of the different materials in the display can lead to these types of cracking noises (I worked on 27" iMacs for a while and I think this was something that was tested and verified--I don't think Samsung is testing for this or doing any verification.) I wish there was a solution. I have a 75" 2018 QLED TV QQN75Q65FNFXZA.


HI, everyone.  I solved the problem !

I bought my 60" JU7100 in 2017 and I actually started to use it in 2018 because I just bought my house.  


It started to have click sound problem after I updated the software two weeks ago.  Technician from samsung support said there was no way to roll back to original version.  Since it had click sound even I unpluged it, I guess it was not related to electric.


I got a idea after reading some people's post here.   



Dont lose faith for samsung, they are doing good at many products.






I wouldn't recomend that my self as it weakens the sturcutual integrity of the set.


As for samsung I would avoid them my self I've worked in TV and electornic repairs for many years and I always used to recomdend samsung but the waranty support is appaling and they are using increasingly cheap parts that fail within years of manfacture. I must admit it isnt only samsung doing this but I think its appaling how short the life of these expensive tvs are.


More to the point why shoudld you have to this you should all be entiled to your money back if they cant fix or replace it. I am working on one of these sets at the moment with a similar problem.


Owner of 82" NU8000 here. Same issue, the TV is in my entertainment room and this clicking noise is driving me crazy. I didn't spend $5700 to get this. 


My TV had no screws at the back, so nothing I could fix by myself.
Repairing made the issue even worse and in the end no spare parts were available anymore.

Month later after multiple repair attempts, they gave me my money back.
I can't recommend Samsung TVs anymore until they improve their built quality.


Do you really have to go through multiple repair attempts before you can request your money back? I'm not sure how far I can get with my warranty during this Covid-19 pandemic so it may be a while before I can start working on getting it resolved and I'm trying to understand how long it will take once I start.

Hello all, you’ll see my posts if you go way back in this thread. I had a Samsung last year which had the terrible ticking noises. Got it replaced twice, all did the same, eventually got my money back.

Have since moved to a Sony and also experienced the same issue (just my luck). Contacted them and they came out and diagnosed that it wasn’t the cheap plastic backing of the tv that was contracting and expanding causing the noises, but actually the screen itself, which is apparently made up of layers of plastic, and that’s what was causing it. Sure enough, they replaced the screen and the ticking noises were gone.

They do happen on the odd occasion which I think is normal to some extent which is what these tv companies will try and tell you. Except for the fact that when it’s constant and happening 15 times every single minute it drives you crazy. When it’s this often and so noticeable you are 100% entitled to a refund as you can’t enjoy watching the ***** thing.
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