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Samsung tv screen broken

(Topic created on: 20-07-2020 01:47 AM)
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I have a 32 inch Samsung tv (not a smart tv)..

basically the screen is all funny coloured and has a smashed pattern on it, however the screen itself isn't smashed or shattered. I'm assuming it's the pixels or something.. I am trying to get a rough idea on how much it would cost to repair.. 

I am currently in a woman's refuge due to fleeing domestic abuse. I don't have much as I left my home with only the things I really needed for my one year old.. nothing else mattered to me, as long as I packed a small bag of everything she needed. this tv was donated to me kindly by someone with a heart of gold.. but it's obviously broken. The sound still works, just not the screen.

desperate to get it fixed so my little girl can watch her favourite programs in the morning again, like she used to.. any advice would be very much appreciated.. thank you

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I'd like to know about this myself I have a 55inch curved smart TV oled and it's only looking broken up but it's not got a break onit which I can see.
I also have a Samsung smart TV 55inch It's only going to work with a one connect box it looks broken without it weird