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Samsung The Frame 43 (2022) sensor issues since latest update in August 2023 (QE43SL03BAUXXN)

(Topic created on: 24-09-2023 08:00 AM)
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Good morning,

we are experiencing issues with our new Samsung The Frame 43'' 2022, purchased less than a year ago in Luxembourg.

Since the latest update was installed (I think August 2023), the TV creates issues, namely:

  • randomly turns the TV on even though the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) has been disabled, sometimes it does so a few times in just a minute. Event log says because of sensor. but the sensor is set to enable the Art Mode and NOT turn on the TV!
  • eventually linked to the first point, the TV randomly turns on NOT in Art mode, butin the "no input detected screen". The TV should turn on in Art Mode.
  • the sensor does oftentimes not react at all, so the Art Mode stays off even through settings say that if movement is detected, it should. The sensor sometimes does not react at all, even though there is movement directrly in front of the sensor and the room is illuminated. The screen remains black.
  • the brigthness setting in Art Mode appears to reset itself everytime the TV shuts down, so in most cases during the day, the image is shown at the lowest brigthness setting, even though brigthness was increased manually at the last shown image before the TV has shut itself off.

The issues are so random and disturb the Art Mode in such a way that one can fairly say the Art Mode does not function any longer and the disadvantages due to the buggy behaviour outweigh the benefits of it. For a fairly new product, it is very unfortunate that it does not work as described and expected. The Art Mode was the sales argument that led us to purchasing the TV!

A small feedback on the newly added feature since the latest update; please get rid of the small pop-up, informing on the Art Mode setting (15 min, random selection, etc.), popping up when Art Mode eventually manages to switch on. The purpose of this TV is to provide ass little evidence as possible that it is an actual TV, the pop up destroys this feature.

Thank you in advance for your time and answer and I pretty much hope that the described issues can be solved with the next update!

Best wishes,



Hi, please report this issue in the topic I've opened to collect all the faults found after update 1520.7 (August 2023).

1520.7 bugs 

With the hope that in this way we will give more strength to our complaints and Samsung will take action as soon as possible.