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Samsung The Frame 2020 | Worst experience with samsung's after sales support.

(Topic created on: 21/08/20 08:21)
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This is how a Product fails, Samsung a new Chinese company.

The journey of mental harassment begins on 24th June 2020 to till date. For the last 55 days I have been mobbed and harassed by Samsung’s so called professionals.

I bought a Samsung “TheFrame TV” 2020 model 50” QA50LS03TAKXXL a day after they launched in India from the Samsung website itself.

The product looks promising and futuristic, so I was excited to have it in my room, But before making a purchase I wanted some clarification on the refresh rate, I checked the product page but I didn’t get the information so I decided to chat with the samsung chat support system. 

They told me “Sir it's a good choice and we launched it yesterday and you might be the first to buy” and he answered me that this TV comes with 120Hz of native refresh rate, Which is good for Action movies and gaming. I was happy and made the purchase from the Samsung website. After the delivery and installation, I notice the flicking on fast moving scenes. 

I searched on international websites and I got to know that this is just 60Hz after watching reviews and product specs on amazon and other websites. Only 55” in the same model comes with 120Hz. I contacted customer care to report cheating and this is how the journey of mental harassment begins. 

I reported my concern the day after the installation with Samsung and they asked me for proof of that chat, which they know that it is not possible for me since samsung doesn’t share the chat transcript after the end of the chat. They do have the option to check in their system but they didn’t. After 100’s of calls and follow ups, finally I was connected with someone who seems to help me in the case. His name was Shahid (Floor Manager) I shared my concern also before connecting with Shahid I have collected proofs on how samsung gives fake and wrong information about their own products. So I shared those proof with Shahid and after a few debates, he finally agreed that it is samsung’s mistake. He told me that somebody will contact you for a replacement and promised me to provide a resolution. 

I was not contacted by anyone even after 15 days, I dialed again and this time I was connected with another floor manager Anurag. He also assured me to provide resolution within 24hr but it's now more than 10 days and I was still expecting a call or mail from the team. Yesterday again i dialled a no and again i was connected to floor manager Mukesh. He told me that my case is closed. Seriously, without letting me know and without providing a solution, they closed my case. 


I had connected with many top management employees like “Senior Brand Manager” “E-Com Business Lead” “Senior Vice President” and “Director Online Business” in Samsung. Nobody helped me and told me to contact customer care because they are very professional and take my case professionally. I guess everyone in the company knows how professional are they and their products. 

I start googling and got to know thousands of people are suffering like me and I was stunned to read a comment of someone who wants to suicide because of Samsung.  The journey of the pain and harassment is over 50 days long and I can write a thesis on it, but now I don’t want to waste more time on this Chinese Samsung company.  

A simple solution to my problem can be either return/refund or replace with 55” but they know their product's quality, So once sold its your problem not samsung’s. 

To live with this ****** is a new normal to me. 

Unhappy consumer.



*(Samsung product and their services)

reference no's: 1636284, 8441672874, 1646397