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Bluetooth Volume issue on Q90

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I have an issue with the volume with Bluetooth headphones in that all connects but the volume appears limited. I previously had the JU55 range and all worked well with the volume able to increase to very loud. Since buying the OLED Q90 I cannot get volume above its set limit which is too low for me (hard I'd hearing).

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Its hard to believe that Samsung is tone deaf to a myriad of similar posts whereby userss cannot adjust their bluetooth earbud to adequate volume on a long list of Samsung TVs. I've looked at dozens of complaints and posts for over 3 years and NOBODY from Samsung has been able to provide a solution. This is a major embarrassment for Samsung, who simply doesn't care. I will NEVER buy another Samsung product in my lifetime since they cannot satisfy this most baic of all requests- to listen with adequate volume using their own brand of Galaxy earbuds with their own freaking TVs!!

Hi, yes I complained to my supplier Richer Sounds who are one of the best technical supplier. They were surprised. Anyway I have had no response from Samsung and as you say they remain silent despite publication on this site. What I can say is that there was some improvement a couple of months ago, higher volume but still limited. Now it appears I am able to adjust volume but it's moving the volume onto the optical mode on my TV. At least I have louder availability but like you I will never purchase another Samsung.

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