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Samsung Space Monitor LS27R75 Displayport 1.2 issue

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Hello All,


I'm currently experience issue on trying to get my newly bought monitor to work with Displayport 1.2 function together with my Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 graphic card.


I can't get the monitor to use Displayport 1.2 protocol at all as everytime I select that the screen just went blank like no input signal. I can only make it work when switch back the protocol back to Displayport 1.1.


However when I use PIP function, both my HDMI source and Displayport source are working fine along with using Displayport version 1.2 on the screen.


Note that my monitor has firmware version 1007.1 which is even newer than what provided on Samsung website.


Appreciate any help, please.



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Same problem. Didn't find a solution yet. I got a 1080 ti. HDMI works fine but over DP it does not (and I specifically bought a DP 1.2 cable, so that should not be the issue. I also upgraded to the latest firmware but that does not help either.
So far it seems that people wanting to use DP 1.2 should stay away from this monitor!


I'm still waiting for a new DP cable to see if the issue is from the cable. I tried contact Samsung team before and they still don't have any solution yet (atleast, Samsung Thailand). What's your firmware number? mine is 1007.1.

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