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u24e590d Displayport hotplug issues

(Topic created on: 16-09-2020 06:49 PM)
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I'm having issues with this model when my computer went to sleep mode (Windows 10 machine). For some reason from time to time backlight turns on and it displays the "Displayport notification" then went back to sleep.


First thing i did was to invest in a VESA certified DisplayPort cable but it didn't solve.

Then i used windows powercfg tools to see if some USB device or any other were waking up the machine but it didn't report any problem or any wake up during this issue.


Reading about this topic it seems to be related to Displayport Hotplug, some people that have other brands are able to disable deep sleep or any Hotplug related settings in Monitor OSD.

I've search but i can't find any settings that resemble that in this model.


People that have different samsung models seems to be solving this issue by changing from Displayport to HDMI. It is not a great solution as it doesn't take advantage of what DP has to offer.