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Samsung Series 4 TV with HW-450 Soundbar and TiVo Box

(Topic created on: 08-05-2020 02:39 PM)
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Hi all,


I've been putting up with an annoying problem for several years now, I understand the TV is old but it works great! We have a problem whereby the TiVo box goes into HDMI I'm on the soundbar and then HDMI out goes to HDMI slot #1 on the TV. 

When we turn the soundbar and TV on the soundbar defaults to D.IN, we switch it manually to HDMI and we get picture and sound. A few seconds later the soundbar switches back to D.IN and we switch it back again. This time it stays where it is and it's fine. We have no optical cable in use.


Anynet+ is turned on, on both the TV and soundbar. Is there a way of stopping the soundbar switching over? I've tried turning Anynet+ off on the soundbar, this stops the switching channel but the soundbar no longer switches off when I turn the TV which it does currently. So that's equally annoying.


Any help appreciated!