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Samsung RU7300 55” Limited Apps?

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Hi there


I have recently got a Samsung UE55RU7300KXXU, smart TV and was looking through some features people talk about online. I’d like to use Steam Link and PlayStation Now (any similar gaming apps) but they don’t appear in the App Store. I live in the UK and wasn’t sure if they’d been released here yet. 


My TV has the latest update as well. 


Many thanks


Hi @Krognak 


It sounds like the app developers have not yet developed a version of these apps for this particular TV yet. We don't have any information as to when or if these may be made available. You could try contacting the app developers to see if they have more info.


Hi Chris thanks for your reply. It certainly is odd, especially because when I search for info they say it’s only on TVs from 2016 onwards and I know my model is much newer than that. 


Oh well, I suppose I’ll have to be patient and get in touch with the developers as you say. 


Thank you

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