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Samsung QN90C Motion Blur

(Topic created on: 27-09-2023 07:37 AM)

I've just changed my TV from a 55" Q9FN to a 65" QN90C and I'm noticing motion blur. I remember when I first swapped my Plasma TV for the Q9FN I noticed the same issue and was forever trying different motion settings, but hate the soap opera effect which I even see creeping in when motion settings are set to 1, in the end I turned all motion settings off and I think my eyes/brain just got used to it as after a while I didn't notice it anymore, so this is what's surprising that I see it again on the QN90C. Again I've tried all different motion settings but don't like any of them on, plus when watching BBC and ITV (on Sky Q) motion settings cause intermittent stuttering and jumping which is just not acceptable (the Q9FN did the same).


I understand that the blur is due to sample and hold and that for some of us our brains that see this as blur, however why should the QN90C be different to the Q9FN? Is it just a case that it's a bigger TV and so it's highlighting it more, or is there something they've changed in the sample and hold? Does anyone have any idea whether I'll get used to it again like I did with my last TV, I've still got a week in which I can return it under the 14 day returns policy, but if I returned it I don't know what I'd swap it for as all TV's are sample and hold these days?