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Samsung OLED QE55Q8DNA - self switching to TV source


I bought recently Samsung OLED QE55Q8DNA and I discovered one issue with it.


When the TV is shutdown longer period, the TV is not recovering into previous input (in my case HDMI1), but always switching to TV source (terrestrial).


Also when I perform reset of TV by pressing Power button on remote control for longer period (TV starting with Samsung QLED logo),

Then TV starts on last input (HDMI1), but after few seconds (app. 20-30sec) is switching itself to TV source, see linked video:


I tried different inputs (HDMI1,2,3,4) and different HDMI cables, but problem remain the same.

I also tried switch off HDMI-CEC function, enabling/disabling Start up into last Smart Hub application in menu, but no progress.


Please, could you help?


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