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Q90R One Connect question

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Hi Folks I am new here and just bought a Q90R and have a few questions that hopefully someone can help me with.  I have tried to research before posting but I am getting more confused the more I read.  I am not a tech guy so please excuse my ignorance.  My question is I have the one connect box and my audio reciever  (Denon AVR-S730H) set up through the HDMI 3 (ARC) but the menu on the TV has Dolby Digital and Digital + greyed out.  My setup currently has the cable box running to the receiver and then to the one connect becasue I tried it connected to the one connect direcly and I lost surround.  Is this how it is supposed to work or am I doing something wrong.  I also have an Xbox and Switch plugged directly into the One connect for the low latency mode for my kids.  Thanks in advance for any help.

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