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Samsung Frame too bright

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Just got the Frame today, but I can't make the art mode look realistic. It's too bright. I've seen the thread about the sensor needing to sit proud of the bezel, but mine is and its still too bright. The only way to 'dull' it down and make it look realistic we've found so far is to put our hands over the sensor, whih isn't exactly ideal! I've done the dimness setting etc. it's a dull grey day today, if that makes a difference, but I'd still like it to look like realistic art rather than a TV- because that's rather the point. 

Has anyone got a fix for this? It may be a deal breaker. 


After weeks of talking to Samsung they decided the One Connect box was faulty which I agree with as was only thing I hadn't exchanged yet. But they couldn't just swap out the OCB, I had to contact Curries and get a whole new retail TV shipped.


I wasn't taking the TV off the wall so when they got here I just swapped the OCB (Samsung insisted on the phone the OCB's only work with the TV they ship with which is nonsense).


Connected up the new OCB, went through set up, switched to Art mode and all seemed good. This was at 5pm on a glomy day and it always looks best in that light but I covered the sensor and turned lights on and it was adjusting up and down fine which it wasn't doing before. So all good.


Comes down this morning and its a very bright day but the TV isn't looking great. It's much too dark. The adjustments are still working because if I cover the sensor it gets much darker but its nowhere near bright enough.


I don't want to be faffing manually adjusting the brightness because whats the point if you have to do that? (Plus the manual max and min doesn't go far enough). 


It's not the surroundings, I've put white paper underneath the TV and makes no difference. I can't imagine this is how it should be as every Samung promo photo and 3rd party review has them in bright rooms and they look fine. Why am I having so much hassle?




Just had our Samsung FRAME delivered and installed today. Initial reactions were great but very quickly we realised that the whites in the ART mode are actually pale grey and bluish. Only when it got dark outside did the FRAME (55") begin to resemble the bright sharp image in the store that made us decide to purchase. Iv'e got brightness up to the highest setting and using Polar White for our frames - yet it's still got a grey/bluish cast. Any suggestions?


Sounds weird, with brightness on full blast and cold solors, the thing should look like a striplight. Must be something wrong with your device. 

I am brand-new to a 2017 65" Frame TV, and perhaps my comments are out-of-sync with European models, but here goes anyway:
1. Of course you need to have Ambient Light Detection turned ON (General>Eco Solution) and I found that I had to fiddle with Minimum Backlight in that area to get my Frame to display properly.
2. The built-in Settings are by themselves inadequate to set-up my Frame--I've needed also to get SmartView installed to my iOS device to control color temp and brightness, among other things like motion sensing.
As someone new to the Frame but also to Samsung TVs in general, despite that I've forgotten more about adjusting TVs than most people know, this set has been a challenge to figure-out! But now that I have I do love it!

Mine is having the exact same issue and I have the 2020 55" model

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